Part Time A-Level Courses for Economics

Are you looking for part time A-Level courses that can help you in your exam revision?

Are you searching for quality JC tuition for your subjects, and yet at affordable rates?

If yes, then GCE A-Level courses on a part-time arrangement may be just what you need!

We realise that some “A” Level pupils do require tuition help from our tutors, but not on a regular weekly basis.

How many of you also agree that for JC (junior college) students who choose to repeat GCE A-Levels, going through a full year of tuition lessons may not be necessary.

Hence, we have created the following Part-Time A-Level Tuition Course, the FIRST & ONLY tuition programme arrangement that benefits both our JC teachers and learners:

(Click here if you are looking for GCE A-Level intensive revision programmes, say during June, September, Post-Prelims, etc)


Part Time A-Level Course SG – Tuition On-Demand Programme (JC)

As known as TOD, it literally means you only require your tuition help in your Economics, General Paper or Chemistry, whenever you need it.

(Find out more about our JC General Paper tutors here)

Otherwise, there is NO CHARGE for non-lessons!

And this way, do you know now you can have access to the star A-Level tutors in whichever subject you are referring to?

For revision course in part time fashion, it gets more popular in home private tuition, as time now gets more flexible.

Here are the main benefits:

1) Access the best, top JC tuition teachers

2) More affordable tuition rates on a monthly basis

3) Flexible time slots, instead of rigidly fixing on a particular fay of the week

4) No obligations, no contractual terms, not binded by any agency or tutor policy

So give us a call at for more info, or contact us here.

Receive a Starbucks voucher from us when you confirm sourcing a tutor for part time revision course for your A-Levels successfully.