Economics Home Tuition (Jack Tan)

JC Economics Private Home Tuition SG

If you are looking for Mr Jack Tan to conduct private tuition, below are TWO options you can consider, according to your preference:

Option A:
Location is at our Bishan Economics Tuition Centre

Option B:
Location is at the comfort of your own home

Do you learn better when given undivided attention by your Economics teacher? Do you find that, with a more appropriate learning pace, you can excel in Economics with total confidence and ease? If so, then having Economics home tuition shall be the answer for you!

Kindly call us (@ right now to get in touch with our JC Economics tutor.


1. Who Benefits
2. What You Can Expect?
3. What Is Included?
4. What Are The Options?
5. How to Get Started?
6. How Much Is The Fee?

“For a repeat student who only wanted to secure a good pass in all my subjects, I was hugely surprised when I even got into my choice of faculty – Accounting. Not only I got an “A” for Econs, the skills taught by Mr Tan applied so well to my GP (General Paper) and Geography that I got distinctions for those 2 subjects too. Thank you, Mr Tan!. “

Shaun Seah, H2 Econs Anderson Junior College, Singapore


Benefits of Economics Home Tuition:

1. Provides one to one home tuition services to students at the convenience of their homes.

2. Students can receive all the tuition help they need, without needing to travel to another place. thus saving on travelling time and avoiding the need to carry heavy bags, lecture notes and books.

3. Students would improve their Economics understanding, sharpen their Economics skills and receive useful feedback from Economics tutors, all at the comfort of their home.

4. Works best for students who concentrate best with minimal distraction and external sources of disturbances.  

Econs Tuition Singapore – JC Economics Private Tuition

Here’s what you can expect from our tutor during your private tuition in your own home:

1. Full coverage of all key content knowledge and Economics topics, such as Elasticity concepts, Market Failure, Macroeconomic Problems and Policies, and not forgetting International Trade, Globalisation and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

2. We cover these topics ahead of your junior college’s schedule (aka “Scheme of Work”), so that in terms of understanding the lectures, you get to appreciate the Economics home tuition lessons more. Tutorial discussions and Economics assignments will also be more meaningful as you already have the content knowledge.

3. Our 5 Step Approach to answering any JC Economics and case study questions, that promises you that you will be able to handle any questions, no matter which topic you are asked. When it comes to the lecture quizzes, Common Tests, Block Tests, Mid Year, you will have lots more confidence than before because you get to use our proven exam skills system. Imagine how unstoppable you would be when you come to your Promotional Exams, Prelim Exams, or even the actual GCE ‘A’ Level Econs Examinations.

4. Regular assessment and marking of A-Level Economics essay and case study scripts attempted by your (or your child). This is the best way to provide valuable feedback to you, so that you know exactly how to improve in the shortest time possible.

5. Use of the Split Writing Strategy™ to allow students to gauge their writing speed while they attempt to write full length JC Econs essay answers.  


What Is Included?
– 4 weekly lessons in a month, each of 2 hours’ duration
– ALL materials
– ALL model and suggested answers
– ALL topical books – Market Mechanism, Market Failure, Market Structures, Domestic Economy, External Economy, International Economics
– ALL essay and case study skills workbooks
– Economics Revision Handbook
– FREE access to mobile JC Econs tutoring group
– All exam predictions!
– When major internal Economics exams in your JCs are near, Mr Tan will prepare predicted questions and thoroughly prepare you for your JC1 Promos exams, JC2 Mid-Year exam, JC2 Prelims and of course the eventual GCE A-Level Econs exams (H1 or H2), with 100% undivided attention and care.


What Are The Options?
There are 2 options: A or B.

Option A:
Location: Bishan Econs Tuition Centre

Option B:
Location: At student’s own home

Note that Mr Jack Tan is able to conduct individual tuition, or even mini / small group at our Bishan centre, or at your house.


How to Get Started?
1. Call, Reach or SMS us at right away to confirm your interest.

2. Transfer a deposit of S$100 only, to finalise the commencement of the Economics lessons, whereby the day of the week and time have been agreed. (More details of the bank transfer under ‘Fees’ below)

3. During the FIRST lesson, do bring your writing materials, any one previously attempted Econs exams your school assigned, if any, with the balance amount (net $100) to be collected during the first lesson.

4. Have your first lesson!



How Much Is The Fee?

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(2019 Private Home Tuition Rates)


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