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Would you like to know our predictions for this year’s Cambridge-SEAB GCE A-Level Economics exam papers?

Or how about full sample answers from previous year’s General Certificate in Education (GCE) “A” Levels Econs questions?


At Adam Smith Learning Centre, we strive to offer as much valuable information and content to our students and website visitors. As you know, we house a collection of Economics articles that aim specifically to help you improve your Economics grades. And from time to time, we will add updates to exam sample answers, free exam tips and strategies, exam predictions, etc.


Econs Tuition Resources – Exam Tips & Economics Articles

We aim to deliver effective Economics exam tips for students taking GCE ‘A’ Level and IB Diploma in Singapore.

New articles are added periodically. Articles range from pointing out the most common errors in essay writing and case studies to strategies to ace the Economics ‘A’ Level or IB Papers.

The Economics articles on this website are free for you to read. And feel free to share with your friends on your fave social media (Facebook, etc), or to forward to your friends and classmates.


1. Who Else Wants An ‘A’ for This Year’s GCE ‘A’ Level H1 Economics Paper?

2. Common Mistakes JC Students Make in GCE ‘A’ Level Economics Exams

3. Key Macroeconomic Data for H1 / H2 Economics Case Study

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Econs Tuition Resources – Exam Questions & Sample Answers

(Essays & Case Studies)

In addition to Economics exam tips and answering techniques, we also posts regularly, full exam answers to selected GCE A-Level Economics exams (9757 / 9732, 8823 / 8819)

Examples include:

1. Sample H1 and H2 Microeconomics Essay

2. Sample H1 and H2 Macroeconomics Essay

(You can access these Econs sample answers here)


For more full answers, we do provide a full set for our students who attend our the regular classroom lessons as well as the Econs intensive lessons. Of course, not forgetting the Econs home tuition pupils.


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