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How to Write a Good H1 or H2 Economics Essays for Your GCE ‘A’ Level Paper?

Would you like to have quality ideas on how to write good quality answers for your Economics essays?

If you believe in modeling good sample essays and case studies for self learning, you have come to the right place!

(Yup, in preparing for the actual GCE A Level Econs Exams, we use our prelim papers from the local junior colleges, as well as very recent past year official ULCES and MOE exam papers.)

All our individual tuition and small group tuition students are given FREE Instant Access to Question Papers & Answers for Economics Essays & Case Studies.

And we have resources from all the junior colleges, including the preliminary examination papers, and the actual GCE ‘A’ Level Economics questions, plus essay outlines, case study answers and full length answers that our very own tutors have prepared.

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For a quick demo, kindly look the the following 2 sample answers here:

1. Microeconomics Essay Sample Answer

2. Macroeconomics Essay Sample Answer


Common Mistakes Students make in Economics Essay Writing

Many students do revise and study the lecture notes, and attempt to do their essay writing. However, this approach leads itself into several common mistakes, namely:

1) Write EXCESSIVELY on the basic content answers. This happens because students very often have no idea what to write, so they regurgitate largely from the recall of the lecture notes.

2) Students did not realise that the moment they recall the microeconomic objective of the government, they will never be guilty of going out of point and suffer from irrelevance anymore. (Note that they are exceptions to this rule of thumb).

3) Despite numerous written attempts, students still usually do not know how to interpret essay questions, and thus how to write what the question is looking for.


We at Adam Smith Economics Tuition Agency, impart our proven 5 step approach to answering any essay questions, no matter if it is for H1 or H2 Micro or macro Economics.

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