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“To me, Economics is a very interesting subject yet I am unable to score in examinations. I always thought that memorising notes and replicating it during exams would help me score, but Mr Tan made me realised that it was not the case. Mr Tan is very good at teaching his students specific skills necessary to tackle the essays and case study questions, which are essential for one to do well in the paper. With such skills, his students are guaranteed to be able to write a balanced answer with scope and depth. Mr Tan is a very experienced and passionate Economics Tutor. He is very patient in explaining the Economics concepts and precise in teaching them. I am grateful to be taught by Mr Tan and never once regret joining his tuition. Thank You Mr Tan!”

Leong Kah Leng

H2 Economics


Our Economics Tuition Agency (now known as Adam Smith EconomicsHQ) has a collection of Economics articles that aim specifically to help you improve your Economics grades.  We aim to deliver effective Econs exam strategies and tips for students of GSCE, Edexcel, International Cambridge Econs Exams, GCE ‘A’ Level (H1 and H2) and IB Diploma overseas, and in Singapore.  


For instance, we wish to share how to consistently demonstrate application in Economics exams, a vital piece of skill that you have to be well equipped, in order to move closer to your desired distinction grade.


Example: ‘Tastes & preferences’, When this demand factor is applied to : Market for laptops, it should be modified to portability, convenience, mobile, etc If it is applied to the market for school bags, it can likely termed as trendy, fashionable, colorful, etc/   Another example: “Population If applied to the market for food, it can be higher population growth rates if, instead it is applied to housing market in Singapore, population composition, largely foreigners, especially from China and Indonesia.


More techniques on how to apply on a consistent basis in our Econs tuition classes.  


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New articles are added periodically. Articles range from pointing out the most common errors in essay writing and case studies to strategies to ace the Economics ‘A’ Level or IB Papers. The Economics articles on this website are free for you to read and to forward to your friends and classmates.  

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