Retaking A-Level Economics

Retaking A-Levels Pays Off For Most JC Students! Our survey with students who retake A-Level examinations with us show that most of them scored very well in the second attempt, and they went on to go into their dream courses and be accepted into the faculties of dentistry, law, accountancy, business, etc


I consider myself an academically inclined student, and have always done well in all exams. That is, until JC…..I was totally depressed and demoralised when I got less than expected results for A-Levels. The days that followed after the release of the results was devastating. Thanks to my parents who are ever so encouraging, I decided to improve my A-Level grades, so I enrolled with your JC tuition centre’s revision programmes. During the period which I joined your classes, I realised that there are indeed exam techniques that can help me score in ‘A’ level exams! So, I was very very happy when I got distinctions for both my General Paper (GP) and Econs in the second attempt.

Just like what you promised: your magic has worked for me. Thank you. I really hope more students will get to benefit from your teaching in future. Do let them know that time should not be wasted. Get it right the first time. The money spent on your tuition lessons are more than worth it.

Tan Mark Hui, (Private Candidate),
A-Level Economics


So the A-level results for your exams were not what you have hoped to achieve. Or perhaps they were not as disappointing but the grades you obtained are not good enough to enter your preferred university, college or choice of faculty.

In the event that even universities faculties that are less popular such as Science faculty, Mechanical Engineering do not accept your Uni application, many A-Level graduates opt to apply to local polytechnics such as Ngee Ann, Nanyang Poly to receive higher education, we highly recommend that you consider re-sit the A-level exam to put yourself back on track of your goals.