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Who Else Prefers Econs Tuition Centres Who Conduct School Specific Tuition Classes?

How many of you prefer school Economics tuition centres that conduct school-specific Economics lessons?

And how many of you prefer Econs private tutors who have the intimate knowledge of your school’s topical coverage, sequence of the Economics topics taught, and even the each of the JC’s exam timetable, especially the mid-year exam (MYE) as well as the Prelim exams?


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Junior Colleges (JCs), Centralised Institute (CI) & Integrated Programme (IP) Schools:

AJC        |     ACJC

CJC     |     DHS

HCI     |       IJC

JJC           |     MJC

MI     |     NJC

NYJC       |      PJC

RIJC        |     RVHS      |      SAJC

SRJC       |     TJC          |      TPJC

VJC         |     YJC      


All of our Economics teachers are well informed of each of internal exams timetables of all the

1. Junior Colleges (JCs),

2. the Centralised Institute (CI), Millennia Institute (MI), and of course, the various

3. Integrated Programme (IP) schools and their Econs programmes.


At Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre, we have our main learning centre in Bishan, conducting over 10 Economics classes per week, for both JC H1 Econs and JC H2 Econs.

In addition, our training branch has in her partnership programme, several tuition centres in other parts of the island that conducts the same systemised Economics tutoring programmes as that of the main branch in Bishan, including towns that are home to the various JCs, such as

a. Meridian JC,

b. Temasek JC

c. Innova JC

d. Pioneer JC, and

e. Jurong Junior College, etc


Futhermore, as more school choose to participate in the IP Programme and thus bypass O-Levels, we also offer IP Economics lesson programmes that cater to the existing IP school such as

1. Dunman High School

2. National Junior College

3. River Valley High School

4. Victoria School, and

5. Cedar Girls’ Secondary School


, as well as the new ones such as

a. Catholic High,

b. CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ and

c. Singapore Chinese Girls’ schools (the latter 3 schools to form the new “Bishan Junior College”)


JC Economics Private Tuition – Individual Tuition Available

In addition, do you know that we have a network of Economics private tutors who serve our students on a one-to-one home tuition basis?

For Econs pupils who prefer to learn Economics at their own pace and convenience, our Econs teachers will conduct individual tuition lessons or even a mini group tuition, at your own homes.


So do contact us @ https://m.me/adamsmithlc right now to attend your free trial for the Econs classes, or for your preferred star tutors in your own homes. Otherwise, submit your request with the tutor request form.