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How An ACJC Pupil Improved After Failing Her First Economics Lecture Test


Have you been getting Pass grades for your ACJC Economics tests and exams?

Or have you been bordering along ‘U’ to ‘E’ grades, and are searching for ACJC Economics tuition lessons in tuition centres or personal tuition basis?

Lydia (not her real name), was a JC1 pupil in Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) when we got to speak with her. As known, ACJC is a Methodist school, so there’s no surprise many students from Methodist Girls’ School (MGS) would go on to read the GCE A-Levels in this JC.

In addition, this Pre-University college was the first JC to have a complete sport field including a full size running track in the school campus, plus an Olympic sized swimming pool in a swimming complex. Thus, no wonder that Lydia is heavily involved in her Co-Curricula Activities (CCAs) in Anglo-Chinese JC.

Indeed, ACJC does aim to provide students with a holistic academic curriculum that allows their students to develop their potential in different domains.

It all went wrong though, when she had her first H2 Economics test, a lecture test of 45 minutes for an Economics essay question on the topic of Elasticity concepts and its applications. Even though Lydia “studied” for it, she obtained a mere 7 marks out of a possible 25 marks…

Fortunately, she realised earlier that General Certificate of Education (GCE) A-Levels is NOT just about reading and regurgitating Economics content knowledge. And the way she felt her Econs tutorials were being conducted, Lydia decided she needed help… fast.

While the current JC Econs syllabus, for both H1 Econs & H2 Econs, are designed in such a way that it allows the learners to gain the core thinking skills, to be able to resolve economics issues, and to develop critical evaluation skills, such exam skills are not well imparted in schools. And this was confirmed by Lydia’s friends in other JCs.

Upon the recommendation of cousin who came us 2 years ago, Lydia enrolled in our Econs lessons.



ACJC Economics Tuition Centre – ACJC Pupils Only!

Lydia got the ideal outcome that we could provide her: An ACJC-only Economics Tuition time slot on a weekend morning!

So @ Adam Smith Economics Tuition, she underwent the Econs tutoring lessons with Mr Yeo & Mr Tan, both proven and qualified Economics tutors for these ACJC Econs lessons. Before long, the JC Economics tutors not only sparked her interest in Economics. Their unusual teaching methodology in a highly engaging manner got Lydia hooked to the lessons, and she confessed that she is always looking towards the lessons here!

(Enough said about them: read about their Econs tutor’ testimonials & reviews provided by our ex-JC students. Do you also that we are the only award-winning Economics tuition centre in Singapore? Find out about the credentials of the Promising SME 500 Award here)


So how did Lydia managed to secure her Econs distinction in the eventual JC1 Promotional Examinations? She learnt quickly and internalised all the various exam techniques for Econs exams:

1. How to interpret trends in data sets including charts, diagrams, figures, tables, etc


2. How to make judgments on data reliability, data sufficient, etc


3. How to make distinctions among the myriad of Economic concepts.
(In JC1, many pupils are expected to be able to distinguish among all the Microeconomic concepts and principles, such as the follow:

i. Internal economies of scale (EOS) vs external economies of scale (EOS)

ii. Fixed costs vs variable costs (of production)

iii. Perfect Competition vs Monopoly

iv. Monopolistic Competition vs Oligopoly

v. Allocative Efficiency vs Productive Efficiency

vi. Public Goods vs Merit Goods

vii. Public Goods vs Demerit Goods

viii. Public Goods vs Private Goods

ix. Quasi Public Goods vs Merit / Demerit Goods, etc.

The same skills set is expected to be demonstrated for all Macro-Econs topics.)
Credit to Lydia, as she did put in the time and effort to learn these Economics exam answering techniques and strategies.

So are these Econs exam skills set work covered in both our H1 and H2 Economics tuition, small group format? Yes, definitely? Hence for ACJCians living near or in Bishan, do attend our 2 FREE trials in our Economics group tuition.


On the other hand, if you are not in the vicinity, or would like to receive individual Econs tuition or even a Economics mini group tuition (in pairs or 3 persons, we would love to conduct lessons at the comfort of your own homes).

Alternatively, if you like a group lesson for A-Level Econs, simply gather a group of 5 or more, and we will conduct an Econs class in Holland Village / Buona Vista area. If upon request, we will make a trip for you, so that you do not have to incur time travel.

Therefore, do contact our admin coordinator at 96959650, or email us at Contact Us to sign up for your ACJC Economics tuition.

Meanwhile, happy revision!


More Info on ACJC & Economics Programme:
Under the arm of the Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) family school, Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) is affiliated to ACJC where the student can continue to further their studies after their O-Levels.

For their academic curriculum under Humanities and Arts, the JC Economics subject is classified under the H1 Economics (Syllabus 8823 / 8819) and H2 Economics (Syllabus 9757 / 9732) syllabi.

The nearest MRT station is on the circle line, @ One-North MRT station.