AJC Economics Tuition

For The AJC Economics Student Who Has A Lower Grade Than He Deserves


As an Anderson JC student, are you looking for specialist AJC Economics tuition centre or personal Econs tutoring on a one-to-one basis? Are you searching for that extra boost for your JC Economics, so that you can excel in this rigorous subject?

For Economics students from Anderson Junior College, we have designed the following:

1. Econs tuition classes in small group tuition format, and catered specially to AJC pupils. With relatively less amount of time and effort, our strategically designed practiced assignments for Econs essays and cases studies, will enhance your subject grade into the stratosphere of A’s and B’s.


2. Accelerated Performance. With 10 months or less, you will achieve the desired Economics grades, as opposed to other learners from other schools who are rumoured to have struggle badly for the entire 2 years in JC.


3. Split class for H1 and H2 econs pupilsSpecifically, we understand that while the H1 (Higher 1) Econs students in Anderson JC cover the topics of Market Mechanism, Market failure and Macroeconomics, we ensure the scope is not stretched to that required by H2 Economics syllabus. In other words, we keep the topic as manageable as expected.


4. Early focus on Market Structures. As of now, our understanding at Adam Smith Economics Tuition is that the AJC Econs HOD and the team have decided to postpone it until the end of the JC2 Syllabus in their curriculum. Thus, all will have to covering Microeconomics topics , all Macroeconomic topics, including globalisation and international economy, and then finally Market Structures.

What we do in addition to complement the school programme is to visit Market Structures in advance, as  early as June in JC1. This option proves to be popular and effective for AJC Econs learners.

(Read more here for JC H1 economics and JC H2 economics programme.)  


AJC Economics Tuition – What’s Possible for AJC A-Level Econs Pupils?

We understand Anderson students sometimes are not able to achieve the results they deserve at their first attempt on the school’s internal assessment. To address your special needs, we have prepared and structured a special class for AJC Economics students only!

For this Anderson JC-only Econs tuition class, our Economics teachers first help every student to boost and regain their confidence in this subject. For starters, our Econs instructors will highlight the assessment constraints faced by the AJC Economics tutors and lecturers in school, when they have to set exam papers. The deeper understanding of this constraints can often help to preempt how the AJC Economics Department may design the entire Economics exams, be it the Promos Exams or the Prelims Exams.

Next, after confirming the various topics on Micro- and Macro- Economics, as spelled out by the Cambridge-SEAB GCE A-Level Economics syllabus, our highly experienced tutors for Econs will use heavily on past year exam paper of A-Levels and even the Prelim exam questions of AJC set in previous years, in order to impart the exam techniques of both Economics case studies and essays.

In this way, we expect you to really breeze through the JC2 Preliminary Examinations as well the eventual UCLES A-Level Economics. 


Testimonial from ex AJC Econs pupil:

To me, Economics is a very interesting subject yet I am unable to score in examinations. I always thought that memorising notes and replicating it during exams would help me score, but Mr Tan made me realised that it was not the case. Mr Tan is very good at teaching his students specific skills necessary to tackle the essays and case study questions, which are essential for one to do well in the paper.

With such skills, his students are  guaranteed to be able to write a balanced answer with scope and depth. Mr Tan is a very experienced and passionate Economics Tutor. He is  very patient in explaining the Economics concepts and precise in teaching them. I am grateful to be taught by Mr Tan and never once regret joining his tuition.  Thank You Mr Tan!

Leong Kah Leng, H2 Economics 


(Are our AJC-Only Econs group tuition lessons really effective? Do not take our word for it. Read about the reviews & testimonials written by our JC students for our teachers in Econs. Or visit the Econs lecturers’ profiles and their background.)

Location of Bishan Econs Tuition Centre: Located in Yio Chu Kang (YCK), it is extremely easy for AJC to travel to our Econs tuition centre in Bishan. One, take bus number 162 and alight at opposite of Bishan North Shopping Mall. Two, take MRT train service to Bishan MRT, and walk to our JC tuition centre.  

So, if you are ready to put a stop to mediocrity and struggles, call us now at https://m.me/adamsmithlc or email us to inquire about the AJC Econs tuition.


School Facts:

Anderson Junior College (AJC)

Address: 4500 AMK Ave 6 S’pore (569843)

AJC Economics Learning Experience:

  • In Econs tutorials, SRJC students learning in depth of the subject through use of a variety of pedagogical techniques and collaborative learning methods.
  • Lively discussion of tutorial answers, government policies and global economic events
  • Enrichment programme and external competition (eg: National Economics & Fund Management Quiz, NEFMQ)
  • Outstanding Economics pupils have the option to take up the NUS-MOE Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme (a H3 Econs offering) options after JC1 Promos Exams.