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If you are a junior high student:

Are you struggling in economics?

Is it hard for you to find a tutor who is able to teach at your school’s current pace?

If this is so, this is the ideal website for you.


If you are a Senior High student:

Do you feel that the transition between your current academic status and what you have learnt in secondary school is a vastly large change?

Are you struggling to comprehend the new techniques of answering the questions as it is not what you have done for the past few years?

Are you stuck and are finding a solution to solve this dilemma?

Well, the team here at Adam Smith’s Tuition Centre understand that the syllabus for Economics is different for Junior and Senior high classes as what you have learnt in your secondary school is only of little value as you progress to the Junior College Classes.




With our 12-lesson Economics programme, you will be able to fill in the missing links and gaps and be able to better understand your current syllabus! Prior to other tuition centres, We can also create an all St nick’s ONLY tuition class which will definitely be in pace and in sync with your schools’!




Now, you may wonder if this tuition centre is indeed useful. Besides our many student testimonials, you can also come down to our centre and attend a trial lesson to experience it for yourself!



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So if the above tuition is what you are looking for, do contact us at or email us at to find out more information about our tuition program today!