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Is Economics one of your weakest subjects?

Do you struggle to understand the terminologies and concepts?

If this is so, the team at Adam smith’s tuition centre is able to help.

Of course, you may be already actively sourcing around for an effective tutor or a tuition centre but those that you have found may not be that well versed with your school’s curriculum.

Well versed with your school’s schedule and pace, the tutors will be able to equip you well with the various Economics skills and concepts.




If you are already interested, do contact us at for more information!

Alternatively, if you are looking for a new tuition slot, you can come down to our centre and attend a trial lesson with your friends and we will create a CHS-ONLY tuition class just for you after you have signed up with us!



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So if the above tuition is what you are looking for, do contact us at or email us at to find out more information about our tuition program today!