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Catholic College are situated at Whitley Road where it is just two bus stop away from Toa Payoh MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Station under the red line called North-South Line and as well as Toa Payoh Interchange.

This Catholic based junior college school are affiliated to all Catholic Secondary School as per below

  • Catholic High School
  • Joseph’s Institution
  • CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
  • CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh)
  • Montfort Secondary School
  • Hai Sing Catholic School
  • Patrick’s School, etc

Hence for those secondary school students who attend the above secondary school are entitle a two -points deduction from their General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (O-Levels) examination result score if the students choose CJC (Catholic Junior College) as their choice of pre-university college.

For student or parents to get to CJC (Catholic Junior College) have to make their way to Toa Payoh MRT Exist C. Walk past Cheers convenience store cheers convenience store towards the bus stop board bus either 105 or 153 and alight just in-front of the school.

FOR CJC education programme under Humanities, economics subjects regardless of H1 economics and H2 Economics syllabus under the General Certificate of Education Advance Level programme (GCE A-Level).

This Economics subject is a Social Science subject that describe the factors that determine the consumption of goods and services.

Hence for CJC the Economics department aims to develop the student’s ability to master the concept of micro and macro theories and as well as able to utilize the information on diagram on how does the economics extracts.

As for Economics program regardless on H1 econ student or H2 econ student are covering the micro economics on market failure follow by macro-economics topics.

Therefore find out here what is H1 economics syllabus and H2 Economics syllabus covering.

Looking for JC economics tuition that able to help you in your economics content that you are lack off?

We do know the Catholic student are looking for economics JC tuition that help them in recapping the content of economics syllabus either for H1 econ or H2 econs as well as the skills need in answering the questions.

In our economics JC (junior College) tuition, we provide a group tuition for these catholic students from CJC where the econs tutor are helping the JC pupils on recapping their H1 or H2 economics content on either micro and macro topics.

Hence find out here what JC microeconomics and macroeconomics topics are about.

Lastly after helping the JC student build the foundation on content, the econ lecturer hence focus on their skills on answering and attempting pasty year question paper.

For student having tight schedule as busy involvement in school non curriculum activities and not attend group economics tuition. We hence as well provide individual tuition that cater to their timing and days availability.

If the above economics JC tuition is what you are looking for, click here to sign up for our trial econs lesson for group tuition here.


Hence you can contact us at https://m.me/adamsmithlc or email us at Contact Us to find out more information about the Econs tuition.