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We understand that Econs students from Dunman High School (DHS) have experienced and witness consistently top academic results. Highly regarded as one of the most successfully run six-year Integrated Programme (IP) in Singapore, This Dunman High Programme (DHP) prepares the DHS students to obtain an excellent set of GCE Advanced Level results via the A-Levels Route. And of course, including JC Economics as well.

Formerly known as Dunman Government Chinese Middle School, DHS’s academic program is split into 2 streams which are the Junior High Academy and Senior High Academy respectively. With their school lecturers and tutors, tightly focusing on building a solid foundation for their student population on academics, it is no wonder that DHS Economics Department have obtained very good results over the past few years.


However in recent year, this Fast Track programme in DHS, have proven to work well for a small percentage of the Economics pupils

1. Pace is too fast. In order to complete the entire Econs syllabus by the first quarter of the JC2 (final year), the Econs lectures in school are going too fast. Unable to capture the core Economics content in school, DHS Econs pupils have no choice but to read and re-read the Economics notes, all on their own.


2. H1 Econs pupils are overloaded. due to the majority of Econs students in Dunman High School taking H2 Economics (Higher 2) (syllabus code 9757 / 9732), the small minority of the H1 Econs (Higher 1) (syllabus code 8823 / 8819) cohort, have to attend full h2 Econs lecturers most of the tie in schools. No thanks to the arrangements by the Humanities and Arts Department.


3. Insufficient exam skills imparted. Despite the apparent unfair advantage IP schools have over the typical JC, there is still a lack of exam techniques taught and imparted to pupils of Econs. We realise that not all DHS Econs pupils are bale to demonstrate the skills of application, analysis and evaluation across the topics of Microeconomics and  Macroeconomics.


Thus, in order to help the DHS IP Economics students to effectively focus on their Econs revision in preparation for their eventual A-Levels, we @ Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre create, design and conduct the following – 

A DHS-only Economics Tuition special class, that follows exactly your school syllabus in the correct school curriculum sequence and pace. For instance, the topic of Market Structures is taught only in JC2.

Located in Tanjong Rhu, it is very easy to travel to our DHS Economics tuition centre @ Bishan, via the Circle Line (CCL).

Are our tutoring class effective for DHS pupils of Economics? Attend our TWO trial lessons to find out. At the end of 4 hours, you will

1. Attend 2 trials for FREE – the only JC tuition centre to boldly offer this.


2. Learn very thorough skilled exam techniques to answer the Economics essay questions in Paper 2, specifically on how to make judgement on Economics policies, issues, conflicts and problems.


3. Be a master in handling Econs case studies. That being said, if you are one of those DHS students who recognise that your Economics Lecturer has failed to teach you the skills that you need to score; in answering case studies or essay questions, we can help you.


And you will learn the above in one of the most engaging styles ever. Not content knowledge drilling, but accelerated internalisation of Economics exam strategies and proven tips, so that you can guarantee yourself the distinction grade!

What if you prefer Economics private tuition? Sure, if you require individual tuition for your A-Level Economics subject, we will search for an experienced tutor who will see to your needs too.


So contact us now at https://m.me/adamsmithlc or use this “find an Econs tutor” form, to get your desired results and grades delivered to you right now!