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Are you looking for economics tuition that enable you to grab the economics content knowledge?

Looking for an economics tutor that help you in your econs revision as well as improving in your grades?

We do know that Hwa Chong Student normally not able to score well for their block test or their promotional exam regardless in J1 or J2. Hence the students are also lack of answering of question and writing skill on how to write an essay or case study.

Some even might have attend the group economics trial lesson but yet the lecturer are covering Microeconomics in class which you have not learn it.


Brief Description of Chinese High School and Hwa Chong Junior College before Merging


For Chinese High School (CHS)

The Chinese High School was an independent school and it is ranked as one of the top high school in Singapore. The school take in the best performing top 3% Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) cohort. CHS was the first school offered Integrated Programme (IP) to students in current high school section.


For Hwa Chong Junior College

Hwa Chong Junior College was a junior college that provide pre-university education. Later part of the year, both Chinese High School and Hwa Chong Junior College was in merged together to formed Hwa Chong Institution (HCI).


Loccation for HCI

  • Located at Bukit Timah area and their nearest MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station are the circle line under the station called Botanic Gardens stations.


The Main HCI Campus in Bukit Timah are shared among the four schools that are:

  • Hwa Chong Institution,
  • Hwa Chong International School (HCIS)
  • Hwa Chong boarding school
  • SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) University campus in Bukit Timah


Hence the above of the three Hwa Chong School mentioned are affiliated to each other.

HCI was the result of the merger of both affiliated school hence their IP programme was review and change as to in line with the Ministry of Education (MOE) Integrated programmed (IP) offered.

This Integrated programmed whereby students undertake six years educational program in which they bypass the traditional examination of General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O-level).

As in spite of merger, the school remain the secondary school section as boys only while the junior college section is co-educational.

Hence this program was also participated by their affiliated Nanyang Girls School (NYGS), where the Nanyang students also continue their JC education in HCI Junior College section campus.


Here is a brief background of Nanyang Girls School

Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH) is an all-girls school secondary school. Other than participates in the Integrated programmed (IP) under the Hwa Chong Affiliate Programme. They also offer internal Gifted Education Programme (SBGE) such as Art Elective Programme, the Higher Music Programme. The school located opposite of HCI School

Overall for this IP program basically will led the JC students to their General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-level).

For HCI Junior College section for their economics subjects, the HCI students are learning according the MOE (ministry of Education) syllabus regardless of H1 (higher 1) econs or H2 (higher 2) econs. But the HCI economics JC (junior college) lecturer are teaching the students on Macroeconomics follow by Microeconomics for JC year 1 and JC year 2.

Find out more here about H1 economics syllabus and H2 economics syllabus covering.

We understand that JC students are looking for economics class that doing macro topics first no matter you are in J1 or J2.

Hence in Adam Smith Learning center, we offered both individual economics tuition for HCI students and group economics JC tuition that cater to HCI syllabus covering in school.
For Individual economics tuition, the economics tutor cater to the following need of student’s request:

  • Writing Skills for essay and case study
  • Focusing on exam questions
  • Concentrating on Economics Skills only

For Group Economics JC Tuition, the economics lesson will be focusing on the following basics regardless of H1 economics tuition or H2 economics Tuition.

  • Focusing on building foundation on content knowledge
  • Practicing on past year various school paper
  • Evaluation skills knowledge

To know more information about H1 economics tuition and H2 economics tuition here.

For HCI students getting to Bishan, you can board bus number 156 at the bus stop in front of National Junior College to Opposite Bishan MRT station.

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