IJC Economics Tuition

For JC Econs Students From Innova Junior College Who Love The Subject But Unable To Score An “A” Grade……Yet.

Are you looking for an IJC Economics tuition centre specialist provider that can help you to excel in your Economics exams?

Searching for an A-Level Economics tutor who is proven to deliver results, and in the shortest time possible?
As a JC Economics student at Innova Junior College (IJC), we understand your most significant frustrations when it comes to handling this A-Level subject:

1. Unable to excel in IJC’s internal Economics Block Tests (BTs), Mid-Year Exams (MYE) or Promos or Prelims examinations. Grades often hover around the U to E range only.

2. Unable to answer A-Level Econs case study or essay questions. If the tutorials for Economics is schools are not crsip enough, you may not have learnt all the crucial exam answering techniques to secure Level 3 grades.

3. Need to read and re-read Economics notes. Economics lecture in Innova may have gone too fast, so you are unable to digest and internalise the coore Econs concepts.

4. Unable to appreciate Economics in the real world, even in Singapore, due to incomlete ability to form the linkages between Economics concepts and real life situations.

5. No time to fully and systematically revise your Economics subject.


Situated in Woodlands, Innova Junior College (IJC) is a Singapore government co-education General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level (A-Level) preparatory Junior College (JC). As with all other JCs, Economics is offered in both the Science and the Humanities (Arts) streams, and is thus a popular choice as the contrasting subject at A-Levels.

At Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre, we have the good fortune to have acquainted and worked on a certain level, with a few IJC Economics teachers and lecturers, and understand that, for their IJC Economics Department, they aspire to meet the diverse needs of JC Econs students in differentiated teaching methods and learning practice.

Be it H1 Econs or H2 Econs, at both the JC1 and JC2 levels, IJC strives to execute their Economics programme with real live Economics examples, making it relevant to one’s daily lives.


IJC Economics Tuition Centre – Specialist Class Avail!

On the other hand, our IJC Economics tuition lessons recognise the shortfall that students need to compensate as quickly as possible, if they want to score that elusive distinction – the exam skills for A-Level Economics case study and essay papers.

Due to the proximity and ease of travelling from IJC to our Bishan Econs tuition centre, we have a sizable number of Econs pupils from IJC every year. Hence, we are able to specially create and conduct an IJC Econs class.


Here’s what you can expect from the Econs lessons:
1. A complete and comprehensive set of Economics notes – Concise, clear explanations with links to real live Economics scenarios.


2. Complete exam skills set for both JC Economics essays and cases studies. Our Econs teachers will impart the ultra important component of the critical exam strategies and techniques that will allow you to demonstrate the higher order thinking skills in both Micro and Macro Econs. Get ready to expect at least 22 out 30 marks for each case study!


3. Go in sync with IJC curriculum pace. In this way, what’s taught matches what’s covered in schools, and this will prove to be very useful for IJC’s internal assessment for Economics, especially the JC1 Common Test, JC1 Promos Exams, JC2’s Block Test 2 and Prelim Exams.


So do our JC Economics tutors really deliver results? Our students’ reviews and testimonials say so. And the parents and market agree too, and we become the first and only JC tutoring recipient for the Promising SME 500 Award!


Should you need more information about the Innova Economics group tuition or even the Econs individual tuition, do contact our admin staff at https://m.me/adamsmithlc. Or, you can sign up for 2 free trial lessons here.