How A Pupil From Jurong Junior College Attended A Few Lessons With Us At Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre, And Went On To Secure His A for Economics.


Are you looking for an experienced Economics tutor who can help you improve your Econs grades by leaps and bounds?


Are you also looking for Jurong JC Econs specialist tuition provider who focuses mainly on Economics exam skills and can deliver the desired results you want?


Do you know that most Econs students struggled with this rigorous yet most marketable subject for the entire JC1?


Do you realise that your academic results will stay with you through the two years of your JC career, UNLESS you know what has gone wrong and quickly rectify the problems in A-Level Economics?


And this is exactly what Kelvin did, when he was an Economics pupil in Jurong Junior College (JJC). Prior to attending Economics small group tuition with us @ Bishan, Kelvin had been getting good results.


He is a smart student and had set challenging goals for himself. Therefore, it was no surprise that he usually got his “A” and “B” grades for is A-Level subjects.


Except for JC Economics.




No matter what he did (or not do), Kelvin only managed a Pass grade (“E”), for most of his internal JJC Econs exams and tests.


Now the good thing is: Kelvin knew what he did not know! He realised that in order to obtain a distinction grade fast, he would have to be equipped with proven and effective Econs exam techniques that would help to answer all sorts of exam questions for both essays and case studies.


Despite the fact Jurong JC campus is located at Jurong West in the western part of Singapore, Kelvin decides to make the trip to our Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre at Bishan.


Was it worth it? Well, here was what happened next:


For his next test (Block Test 2, the Econs midyear exam), Kelvin, for the first time, secure his Econs distinction!




JJC Economics Tuition – Small Group @ Tuition Centre & Private Tuition


So can you duplicate Kelvin’s success? Absolutely!


1. Attend our 2 free trial lessons @ Bishan Econs tuition center, and determine for yourself if our engaging Economics lessons will deliver results for you.




2. Upon demand and request from the JJC pupils, we are able to conduct JJC-specific Economic program lessons for JJCians in the West area of S’pore.


As long you have 5 friends or more, we will love to coach you near your own school,




3. Guaranteed to deliver results. Just as Kelvin has avoided disappointment and gaining confidence, this Economics revision program will




i) Strengthening your Economic concepts, with relevant examples of real world scenarios. A complete and comprehensive set of Economics notes will be provided too.




ii) Our Economics lecturers will in the shortest time possible, impart all the critical exam skills to help you get to Level 3 answers, quickly and surely.




iii) Superior time practice. Before the ‘A’ Levels, a Mock Exam for JC Economics will be set. This mock paper will entail the predicted questions for the upcoming exams!


Coupled with our unique Split Writing Strategy, you will be very familiar with the assessment kinks and therefore raise your confidence in Economics!




So, ready to emulate your predecessor’s success as enjoyed by Kelvin? Do contact us at ASAP to attend the 2 free trials.



May 22nd, 2024

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