MI Economics Tuition


Are you looking for group tuition for Millennia Institute (MI) specific Economics tuition?  

Or are you having troubles searching for appropriate MI Econs tutoring help?

Being the only remaining Centralised Institute, MI offers a unique path to the university admission.  This special Pre-University centre for GCE A-Levels offers a 3 year course instead of the regular 2 years in standard Junior Colleges (JCs).

With respect to A-Level Economics, it is definitely also different as the syllabus is similarly spread out over the duration. For instance, in JC1 in most JCs, they will mainly study Microeconomics first but for Year 1 students in MI, they may take a mixture of Micro and Macro Econs topics. Thus some group tuition in other tuition classes may be deemed unsuitable for them as the tutor will be covering mainly Microeconomics topics in JC1.

This has led to many MI Economics students opting for either 1 to 1 Econs home tuition, or just relying on self-study to cope with the rigour of this new an challenging A-Level subject.

Nevertheless, the above option is deemed as ineffective and unsuitable to most as they still have little idea of the various Economics skills that are required for their exams despite all that they’ve done in preparation for the upcoming Econs tests, be it Promos or Prelims exams.


On the other hand, we Adam Smith Econs tuition have certified and proven Economics tutors & lecturers who:

1. who are experienced with the curriculum and the pace of the unique programme structure in MI, 

2. are able to help you clear your doubts faced when revising the critical concepts that is commonly tested in tests and exams and

3. who are highly experienced in imparting critical Econs answering techniques and exam strategies to A-Level Economics pupils.


Furthermore, our JC Econs tuition centre is also able to provide an all MI group tuition class only, so that the class will be more in sync as everyone are from Millennia Institute, and thus will progress in a similar pace, as opposed to you being in the same group tuition as others who are from different school and studying different topics.

Besides Economics group tuition in Bishan, we do also provide Econs home tuition for pupils who feel that the centre is too far or simply because they could not fit into any of the classes timings in their schedule. For example, we have actually conducted a JC Econs mini group tuition for 3 MI pupils last year, at the convenience of one of the students’ homes.

Now at this point, you may start to wonder: “Is it really as effective as what they make it out to be?” Why not check our students’ testimonials & reviews and see for yourself?

Still not convinced? You can also opt to attend our 2 trial lessons FREE OF CHARGE.

For further information, do contact us using this Econs teachers request form, or simply leave a Reach message @ https://m.me/adamsmithlc ASAP. Do not hesitate to contact us, for the earlier you do so, the sooner you will see results.