MJC Economics Tuition

Finally, An Effective JC Economics Tutor, Who Is Able to Maintain Students’ Learning Interest With His Engagement Ability, Charisma And X-Factor!

Are you constantly struggling for A-Level Economics in your school lecturues, tutorials and internal tests and exams for Meridian Junior College (MJC)?

Is the bulk of your time spent on reading and re-reading Econs notes, because your JC Econs teachers went at too fast a pace in lectures?

Do you really think writing essay outlines work, the weekly 3 to 5 lines of Economics concepts that you prepare ahead of your Economics tutorials?

Or do you actually realise you are falling further behind?

Do you have a list of Economics topics and chapters that you you know you need to read up and be very well versed with, but yet have not done anything?

Do you worry about your performance in the eventual performance in your school’s JC1 Promos exams or the Cambridge A-Level Economics exams?

Are you stuck? Overwhelmed? Stressed over the upcoming Economics tests?

Do you actually know what you do not know?


If you say “yes” to any of the above problems, would you like to understand, then learn how to conquer A-Level Econs in the shortest time possible?

Would you like to harness the experience and quality of proven and effective Economics tutors who have churned out distinction grades after distinction grades for JC Economics pupils?

Would you actually like an tutor for Econs who is thoroughly familiar with the Economics curriculum pace and sequence of Meridian JC?

Our Economics teachers @ Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre are recognised – as the FIRST and ONLY award-winning JC tutoring experts in Singapore.

We believe that JC students need not struggle unnecessarily during the two years of their JC academic careers. And this is especially so for JC Economics, the newest subject one gets to learn since secondary school days.

Our main way to fame is to highlight that if you operate in the O-Level mode of thinking and assessment mindset, you will be very disappointed with your academic results. And we know that THAT need not be the case for you.

All you need is to shift your mode of thinking from the typical lower-order thinking to higher-order thinking skills mode, i.e. critical thinking that can be easily applied to Pre-University Economics and beyond.


MJC Economics Tuition- Special Class for MJC Economics Pupils in East of Singapore

And that can change for the better for 15 of you, if you join us in the Economics small group tuition that we are conducting after this year’s National Day.

For the first time ever, we are bringing our Econs specialists to you, in the Pasir Ris and Tampines area, so that you do not have to travel to Bishan Econs tuition centre. In fact, In several of the lessons, Mr Jack Tan will personally coach you, and we are certain you will get hooked on his enthusiasm, charisma and enjoy his X-Factor! All the while while he engages you in every minute of the class with his proven NLP techniques and accelerated learning strategies!

A well thought-out and specially designed 12-lesson revision course for MJC Econs tuition pupils only, this series of exams skills intensive, power packed lessons for high-achieving Economics students who do not wish to settle for mediocrity anymore.


The following sums up the 12-lesson Economics program:

1. Content Intensive. We go straight to the topics that are in this year’s prediction of topics and questions. Especially topics for the Singapore economy, such as Singapore’s Success Model, MAS Exchange Rate Policy, S’pore’s FTA policy stance, etc.


2. Skills Intensive. It is a hands-on, yet highly individualised exam techniques and skills course that helps each pupil gain fuller control and regain confidence over this rigorous subject by conquering with ease essays and case studies of A-Level Economics, be it for H1 or H2 stream.


3. Time Saving. As time management under exam condition also counts towards your desired grade “A”, there will be several timed practice assignments. Coupled with our unique Split Writing Strategy™ (SWS), you will find JC Economics a breeze, and time challenge is no longer an issue or barrier to your success in this A-Level subject!

Because of the physical classroom limitation, we can only accommodate a maximum of 15 of of you from Meridian JC. The venue will be to your liking as it is near Pasir Ris area, definitely on the East side of Singapore. Hence, we can only accept the FIRST 15 Econs students only.


If this relates to you and your situation, contact Shawn immediately @ https://m.me/adamsmithlc., because 15 of you will be there and the other dozens will not.


Chief Economist Trainer
Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre
(aka Adam Smith Learning Centre)

If you fine with some travelling, do join our Econs group tuition at Bishan, so call us at https://m.me/adamsmithlc too.

Alternatively, if you prefer an Economics home private tutor, you can request for an Economics tutor here.