NJC Economics Tuition

100% Distinction Grade For All The 15 Economics Students From National Junior College Who Attended Our NJC-Only Tuition Class Last Year! Will You Be Securing Your “A” Grade Too?

For all National JC Economics pupils:

Do you or your child feel that the effort they’ve put in for Economics is inversely proportionate to their exam grade?

Do you constantly receive feedback from your Econs tutorial teachers that you’re writing out of point but you have no idea what went wrong?

Do you dread A-Level Economics lesson and worry about the upcoming assignments and tests?


If the above describes your current situation, will a NJC-ONLY Economics tuition class make sense to you?

Located near Bishan MRT, a mere 3 MRT stations away from Botanic Gardens (near National Junior College -NJC), we at Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre specialises in A-Level Economics, for both JC1 and JC2 pupils, for both syllabi of H1 Econs and H2 Econs.

In addition, we have the good fortune to have a steady stream of Econs pupils from NJC. Thus, we design and conduct a special class solely for NJC Econs students, in order to help you master, excel and secure your distinction in your A-Level exams.


Special Economics Group Tuition for NJcians – Only for National JC Pupils

So what can NJcians doing Economics expect from this specialized class?


1. Familiar with NJC Econs curriculum sequence. We have certified and proven Economics lecturers who are experienced with the curriculum and the pace of the IP programme in NJC. Specifically, we understand that some of you may actually begin to cover the basics of Economics even in your Junior High (JH) year 4. Hence, it is advantageous to keep the pace and sequence in sync with your school.


2. Concept Mastery. Often, many NJCians have expressed having doubts on either Microeconomics or Macroeconomics concepts. perhaps the school econs lectures might have gone faster than desired. Or the opportunity to consult your Econs teachers after school lessons is slim since the tutors themselves have CCAs and meetings to attend and cope with. All these time constraints apply to NJCians as well as they have to undergo many activities within the school too.

So what do we do? Simple. Clear your doubts on the major Economics concepts that are most likely tested in major tests and exams (Promos Exams, Prelims Exams and Cambridge A-Levels), based on our predictions, so that you can save lots on revision time and reading or re-reading your Econs notes.



3. Annual Improvements & Revision. Better yet, every year, we have the opportunity to confirm the topical sequence, approach and preferences of the NJC Economics Department through our network of JC lecturers and teachers for Economics. From there, it is very easy for us @ Adam Smith Econs tuition to design a revision course that will: 


i) STRENGTHEN your foundation on Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. For eg, Market Structures is perennially a topic that requires a revisit and strengthening of understanding.


ii) ENHANCE your set of essential exam skills. Knowledge of essay skills to answer the Economics exam questions of case studies and essays.


iii) SHARPEN your exam focus. Mainly, your ability to finish the exam within the stipulated time is guaranteed!


Furthermore, for your convenience, if you want our Econs teachers to conduct Econs small group tuition lessons near NJC campus, do inform us as soon as possible so that we could make arrangements. For instance, we ran 2 separate classes last year for NJC Econs students, one in Sime Darby Centre and another in Coronation Plaza. With the kind help of our tuition centre partners, we secured desirable and convenient locations to deliver our Econs tutor , and results to you!

Alternatively, we also provide individual Economics tuition for JC students who have a busy schedule and would prefer 1 to 1 tuition at home, instead of going to the centre.


How many are wondering if the lessons may suit IP Economics students?

For those of you in the IP Economics tuition programme, we understand that you may have previously studied some introductory Economics in JH3/JH4, and going to Senior High (JC1) next. Well, actually the Economics topics covered in the SH Level will be much broader than those covered in the JH Level. Besides, it will be more relevant to what will be tested for the A-Levels as ultimately, IP Econs students and Mainstream students will study the same type of topics.



So, do we really deliver high quality results? Gratefully, NJCians who attended our lesson reflected that the tuition revision programmes were effective. Based on our testimonials, they have reportedly:

. Gained back interest in economics

. Seen an improvement in their grades

. Had more confidence in dealing with economics questions


Therefore, if you are interested to attend our trial lessons, do not hesitate to contact us at https://m.me/adamsmithlc to reserve your free slot, OR email us to find out more information about the small group or individual Economics programmes. Do contact us soon to see your improved grade sooner!