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The Only JC Econs Tuition Centre In Bishan Who Conducts Nanyang JC – Only Tuition Lesson

Are you looking for a NYJC-only special Economics tuition class in the areas of Bishan, Braddell & AMK?

Are you looking for a Nanyang JC-specific Econs course that specifically caters to the NYJC’s Econs curriculum sequence, pace and syllabus?

Most pupils from Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) realise that they often have difficulties searching for Economics small group tuition that are near to their school, because of the following reasons:


1. Most JC tuition centres cover their Economics lessons in the sequence of Microeconomics in JC1, followed by Macroeconomics in JC2. On the other hand, most topics as set by the NYJC Economics Department are Macro-Econs in JC1.


2. Many JC Economics tutoring centres in the vicinity of Bishan and Ang Mo Kio (AMK) only have special class for popular schools such as Raffles Institution (RIJC), Anderson JC (AJC), Hwa Chong Institution (HCI), National JC (NJC), Dunman High School (DHS), etc.

Due to the apparent lack of manpower, most A-Level tuition centres do not provide a specific NYJC-only class for Econs pupils.

3. Many A-Level Economics tutors in the tuition centers still run their lessons with the H1 and H2 students in the same class.


Some of the feedback from the Nanyang JC Econs pupils who are taking H1 Economics (Syllabus Code: 8823 / 8819) confirmed that why they avoid other centres are that the above arrangement is simply not ideal for their learning of JC Economics.

For example, some were shocked that they were put through the lessons of Profit Maximisation, Revenue Concepts, as well as Short Run and Long Run Costs (i.e. Economies of Scale).


Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) – Special Economics Class @ Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre

So what do we do at Adam Smith Economics Tuition? Taking into account the issues faced above and the preferences of the NYJC Econs learners, we create and conduct a Nanyang JC Econs, that fulfills the following:

1. Our Economics teachers follow exactly your JC’s Economics curriculum sequence. After the topics of Market Mechanism and Elasticity concepts, the lessons move into Macro-Econs.

For J2 students, they focus on Macro-Econs, with international trade / globalization as the last Marco topic, before returning to Microeconomics topics, particularly, market structure.

2. Heavy emphasis of exam skills for JC Economics. JC1 pupils will be imparted exam answering strategies for both Economics case study and essay papers, in order to ensure they excel in their internal JC1 Promotional exams.

3. A-Level Preparation. As for JC2 pupils, upon completion of all the Economics topics (before June) our highly experienced Economic tutors will challenge and prepare the NYJC Econs pupils through questions that are of Prelims and actual Cambridge A-Level standards.

For example, it is imperative Econs pupils from Nanyang JC become familiar with hybrid Economics questions – essay or case study questions that involve both Micro and Macro Econs topics!

This arrangement and practice will allow the students to boost their confidence when preparing them for their final A-level exams.


Common Questions By NYJC Economics Students:
A. So, is A-Levels worth doing well? Yes, we think so, after all, excellence in the stage of Pre-university education in Singapore, simply imply that you can go on to specialise in the preferred choice of your Uni and faculty admission.

B. So, is it vital to have a tutor for Econs? Yes why not? in most areas of one’s life, having a coach of sorts will help you to breeze through your learning and obtain success easier.

C. And do Adam Smith Economics Tuition deliver results? Don’t take our word for it. See the results we have secured for our batches of students, the recognition given to us by Singapore business community, and our past results.

D. Is it easy to travel to your JC tuition centre in Bishan? Since NYJC campus is located in the Lorong Chuan-Bishan-Serangoon area, the circle line with the MRT station of Lorong Chuan is only 1 stop away to Bishan.

More details on getting to Bishan Economics tuition centre here.

E. What if I want a private tutor for Econs? Sure, let us know too, as our network of Econs teachers will coach you at the comfort of your homes too.


Do call us early at https://m.me/adamsmithlc to reserve your free trial places for Nanyang JC Economics tuition, or contact us with this form to request for a tutor.