RIJC Economics Tuition

100% Economics Distinction For All Pupils From Raffles Institution Who Joined Our RIJC-Only Tuition Class Last Year! Will it Be Your Turn This Year?


As a Rafflesian students, are you getting a lower grade than you expected in spite of putting hours in econs revision?

Are you looking for an economics tutor to guide you on answering on economics examination?

We do know Rafflesian students never scored any grades above ‘C’ despite of having hours of econs revision on your own.

Hence some even their parent’s hired private individual econs tutors or letting them joining group economics tuition yet there is no any improvement in your grades.

Here are a brief background of both Raffle Institution and affiliated sister school of Raffles Girls School.


For Raffles Institution (RI)

RI is one of prestigious schools for pre-tertiary education. It is an independent school that provide secondary education through Year 1-4(boys section) and pre-university through Year 5 and 6 (co-education system).

RI Location

  • Bishan (merely a bus stop away from Junction 8 shopping Mall)


For Raffles Girls School (RGS)

RGS offered four year integrated programme under the Raffles program that allow students to proceed directly to Raffles Institution for year 5 and 6 without taking any examination.

RGS location

  •  Anderson road


The above two schools joined together to offered six-year Integrated Programme (IP) whereby the students bypass their  GCE O-Level ( General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level) Examination and take their a-level (advanced. Level) exam instead.

For Year 5 and 6 sections in RI offers the Raffles Programme in Pre-Unversity Level. Where the students attend their lesson under Raffles Institution junior college (RIJC) campus formerly known as Raffles Junior College (RJC).

Introduction on Raffles Junior College Economics Curriculum Programme

RJC academics curriculum programme for the subject of Economics are design whereby getting the students to know the concept of economics as well as helping them to gain the sense of economic knowledge to apply it in the real world.

For students in JC (Junior college) 1 and 2, the school lecturer shall taught them in the following sequence whereby going through the Microeconomics topics follow by Macroeconomics.

Find out here to know what are the economics of micro and macro topics.

In Adam Smith Learning Centre, we specially created a class for Rafflesian students whereby the lesson are held once a week on weekdays.

This economics class are tailored according to Raffles Academic curriculum.

For the economic JC tuition, the economic tutor hence will make the lesson engaging whereby linking the economic concept with present world economic news.

As well as emphasize on case study technique and essay writing skills that needed when come to answering of economics exam question.

Read more about our tutor background and testimonials written by their ex-students here.

Those students who have attend this economics tuition program, they realize that they don’t have to spend numerous hours on their economics revision. Hence as well as having confident of getting a Distinction for their A-Level (advanced level) exam.

If the RJC tuition program above is what you looking for, click here to sign up for your trial lesson.

For our economics tuition, we located at Bishan St 23 just opposite of Bishan North Shopping Mall.

Hence the student able to board the bus 13 or 88 at the bus stop just in-front of RI school and alight right after Catholic High School.

View our location page to find out the address of our centre here.

Do contact our administration staff at 655417710 if you have any enquiry or email us at admin@aleveltuition.sg