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How many of you can recall your previous Economics tests or exams and the results conducted by your Econs teachers in River Valley High School (RVHS)?

How many of you are satisfied with that set of Economics results?

How many of you need an improvement over your previous Econs exam grades?

How many of you wouldn’t mind a distinction grade?

Usually, we conduct a survey on our JC Economics pupils annually. the following are the main concerns and issues that arise:

1. Most A-Level Economics students in JC are not able to consistently do well for internal JCs’ and schools’ Economics tests.

2. Most feel that there is too much Economics concepts for you to study, with in a very short period of time.

3. And about 96% of the JC Econs students responded that they are worried that they are unable to achieve that elusive Economics distinction.


So, are the overall response from the survey marked different from Econs pupils from River Valley High School? No, not at all, unfortunately.

And in order to change the survey results in your favour, our experienced JC Economics tutors here at Adam Smith Tuition Centre have created an ideal solution to help you to achieve your ultimate exam goal. They have an effective 12-lesson Economics programme.

Provided in either our Econs tuition center at Bishan, or in vicinity of Jurong West (near to RV school), we have come up with A 12-lesson A-Level Economics revision programme that is:

1. Based on prediction for this year’s Promos Exams / Cambridge A-Levels.
Within 12 lessons, our Econs teachers are bale to coach you to be thoroughly well versed with all the Economics topics and concepts that are to be examined. in the upcoming assessments.

For Micro-Econs, we look at topics such as Imperfect Information, Market Dominance, Applications of PED & PES, etc.

As for Macro-Econs, be prepared to be n expert for the topics of the Singapore economy, namely, Singapore’s Success Model, MAS Exchange Rate Policy (i.e our Managed-Float Exchange Rate regime), etc.


2. Exam Skills Focused.
Using a total of 8 to 12 A-Level Economics that are suitable for H1 Econs and H2 Econs, as well as 10 to 16 JC Economics essays, the 12 -lesson program will be skills intensive, yet hands-on. In this way, while you get the opportunity to internalise the assessment techniques, we get to provide individual feedback on your progress so that you can quickly regain confidence in this confusing subject, partly due to the fact that it is a new one, and is not a subject offered in most Singapore secondary schools.


3. Time Saving Approach.
The fact that there are 12 sessions mean that time is scarce! Our unique approach to the timed practice classroom assignments will make every revision minute for JC Economics count!

(When you implement our unique Split Writing Strategy™ (SWS) to answering the various Econs exam questions, you will find JC Economics a breeze and it can actually be a fun subject!)


With the above in mind, it makes sense to conduct an RVHS-ONLY Economics tuition class where the tutor is able to teach the RVHSians at a suitable pace where the school’s coverage is at.

Now, if neither Econs group tuition near River Valley High School or in Bishan appeal to you, then look to our Economics private tutors instead.

We guarantee you will love the lessons and that we will deliver the results you crave!

So contact us now at https://m.me/adamsmithlc, before the RVHS Econs tuition special class has no more vacancies or before the individual Econs tutors’ schedule turns full for the year!