SAJC Economics Tuition

20 Economics Distinctions In A Class Of 21 Students From SAJC! How Many Of You Want To Be In This Class To Obtain Your Grade “A”?


Are you looking for a group SAJC Economics tuition where the JC Econs tutor can help you to restore your confidence and aid greatly in your revision?

Are you getting A-Level Economics nightmares as you fear that you may not be able to prepare for this new and challenging subject for you next major exam, be it the JC1 Promos Exams or the JC2 Prelim Exams?

Do you realise that you actually need an Economics tutor who can not just explain Economics in an easy to understand fashion, but one who can really teach the crucial Econs exam techniques?


Situated in Potong Pasir, our Economics teachers are no stranger to the SAJC Economics Department and her cohort of JC pupils. After all, Mr Jack Tan did his contract teaching at Raffles Institution JC, complete his Practicum at Millennia Institute before he got posted to St. Andrew’s Junior college (SAJC), before he left SAJC to run Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre.

According to Mr Tan, here are the main challenges faced by Economics students in SAJC:

1. Unable to sketch diagrams and analyse Economic figures. This inability hinders the understanding of some of the core Economics concepts and principles.


2. Unable to understand certain difficult topics. For example, as with Econs pupils from most other JCs, Market Structures, Market Imperfections and Market Dominance are 3 of the toughest theories and topics that can prove difficult to master.



3. School lectures go too fast. During school lectures in SAJC, students are provided the lecturer notes howeverthe lecturer does not have sufficient time to go through every skill in Economics. And is this problem unique in SAJC? Of course not, as easily every student will testify to this.


This thus creates a learning gap between the students understanding of the Economics concepts and the given Econs notes. This is also why most students are unable to score well for their JC Economics examinations.


In order to cater to SAJC Economics students, we at Adam Smith Economics tuition Centre have created a SAJC-only specific Econs tuition class. Not only will our Economics tutors address the above mentioned learning problems, you will restore your confidence in scoring for this subject. Guaranteed to deliver results!

In fact, in one of Mr Tan’s class, 20 out of 21 SAJC students secure their Economics distinction grades! If it works for you, why not for you?


If the above tuition is what you are looking for, do contact us at or email to us to find out more information about our Economics tuition classes.

On the other hand, it Econs personal tuition is what you prefer, do request for an Economics private tutor here. We promise that both types of Econs lessons will be conducted in an engaging manner, be it for both higher 1 (H1) and essay question for higher 2(H2).

In addition, as a way for Mr Jack Tan to give back to the Anglican & Saint Andrew’s Family, if you are previously from the following schools, during your O-Levels, you get your tuition waiver, in terms of the registration fees!

1) Saint Andrew’s Junior School

2) Saint Andrew’s Secondary School

3) Christ Church Secondary School

4) Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School

5) Presbyterian High School

6) Saint Hilda’s Secondary School

7) Saint Margaret’s Secondary School

(If we have missed out any Anglican Mission schools, let us know too. Thank you.)


So call us now @ to secure your TWO trials for FREE Economics tuition lessons!