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Looking for SRJC Economics tuition that is synchronised with your school’s learning pace?

Or searching for effective Economics tuition that focuses on proven case study and essay question skills?

To date we have the great fortune to have students from Serangoon Junior College (SRJC) who have taken A-Level Economics improved significantly upon joining us at Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre.

Economics proves to be more challenging than expected in the initial learning phase. Not only for students from SRJC, other pupils for Economics realise that the merely reading and comprehension of the various topics of Elasticity, Exchange Rates and Market Structures may be not sufficient to score for this subject.

In a sense, it is partially because the subject is new, and also, many unfortunately tend to cope with this fresh subject with O-Level exam techniques, until they have internalised the exam tactics learnt in school tutorials.

After our demonstration of how the “A” Level JC Economics distinction grade is obtained, what to concentrate on in their writing, their misunderstandings were cleared, and hence they knew what to focus on.

Question: Do you face the above problem as described?

Question: Do you know how to overcome the difficulties of this challenging A-Level Economics subject in the simplest way possible?

Well, at Adam Smith’s JC tuition centre we do.

In the simplest terms, here is what we do in our SRJC-only Economics tuition lessons:

1. Sync lesson pace to that of SRJC Economics Department. This is especially important for JC1 Econs pupil. After all, you still have to make sure you get promoted to JC2.


2. Master Economics content topics and learn examination techniques. On top of helping you understand fully what is meant by Immobility of factors of production, Singapore’s Success Model, Oligopolistically Competitive Model, etc, we guide you through how to use each of the Econs knowledge learnt.

This is known as the skills of Application, one of the skills you have to perform, in order to go to Level 3, as stipulated in standard marking schemes for JC Economics, and to your desired “A” grade.


3. Timed Practice with past years exam papers. Just like a marathon, you go through timed runs or rehearsal runs on training days, past year exam papers from S’pore JCs and Cambridge serve as your rehearsed exams. Definitely one of the most efficient ways to help manage your time under exam conditions.

Situated merely in the North zone area of Singapore, Serangoon JC is a stone’s throw away from our Econs centre in Bishan. So there’s NO reason to not try out our free trial lessons for Econs.


Testimonial from SRJC Econs Pupil:

Mr Jack Tan is dedicated and more than just a teacher.

Through his dedication in teaching, he knows how to engage his classes, ensuring maximum absorption. Mr Tan is also a master at his knowledge in Economics, making him extremely approachable should we have questions as we are always given value-added responses. Furthermore, he equips us with concise and exam-oriented notes which prepare us very well for school tests and examinations. The application of economic theories is his forte, with him placing strong emphasis in this important technique for every class taught.

Being more than just a teacher, Mr Jack Tan is genuinely concerned for our welfare, taking the opportunity to have a chat with us after class. In recognising my specific weakness in Economics, he also offered to help me beyond class, inviting me to come back on other days to provide me with more assistance.

I have a lot of respect for Mr Jack Tan and am proud to be his student because I have benefited greatly from him. Being at risk of retaining in J1, he has helped me pull through by fine-tuning his consultations with me (I had one-to-one sessions with him), imparting all relevant knowledge as I prepared to sit for my re-examination. I struggled through J2 as well but eventually jumped 5 grades in A-levels thanks to Mr Tan! He really made a miracle out of me!

Melissa Chai, H2 Economics



Prefer Econs private tutoring lessons at home?

No problem too, as we can arrange for our Economics tutor to coach you at the comfort of your home, knowing your hectic school schedule. This Economics one to one lessons make sense for students who prefer personal tuition or want to save travelling time to Bishan. All group and home lessons for A-Level Econs are conducted by our team of experience Econs JC tutors who are thoroughly familiar with the topics of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, and the assessment skills of case studies and essays.

Do our Economics tuition teachers really produce results? Based on our annual A-Level Economics results and the tons of student testimonials, we sure do!  

Hence, if you are ready to enhance your confidence, motivation and results, contact us at to find out regarding the SRJC tuition program.

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School Facts:
Serangoon Junior College (SRJC)

Address: 1033 Upper Serangoon Rd, 534768

Economics Department, HOD: Miss Woo Kuan Shing Jean