TJC Economics Tuition

From Grade “U” To Securing My Economics Distinction. Along With 16 Others Of My Friends From Temasek Junior College. Thanks To The Exam Scoring Secrets!

Dear TJC Economics tuition students,
Are you tired of seeing low grades for your Economics?

Are you looking for a tutor but you haven’t found an effective one?

Aiming for that scholarship but Economics just seems to dash your hopes?

Are you unsure and stressed over what to do next?

We understand your worries as we, too, were once a JC Econs student just like yourself. We want to play a part in alleviating your worries for this challenging yet marketable and meaningful “A” Level subject.

From our past students, many TJC Economics pupils take up Econs tutoring due to the following:


1. JC Econs lectures went too fast most of the time.


2. Economics tutorials in TJC were too short to be able to learn exam skills effectively, because much of the time were spent on travelling between lesson venues, waiting time for subject tutors, more waiting time for equipment such as laptops, projectors, etc, to be ready, time set aside for scolding pupils……


3. Extensive compulsory remedial H1 and H2 JC Economics lessons in schools that merely eat up effective and efficient revision time.

So the obvious question is: must the learning of A-Level Economics be so painful?

And you imagine the following to be possible?


1. High and renewed levels of confidence for JC A-Level Economics for internal Temasek JC exams and Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Levels?


2. Expert handling of Econs case studies and essays with a complete set of proven exam techniques and time management and writing strategies?


3. Achieve the distinction results that you truly desire and deserve?



TJC Economics Tuition – TJC-Only Special Econs Class

And that’s exactly what we at Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre guarantee to deliver, in our specially created Economics group tuition lessons for Temasek Junior College (TJC) pupils!

With the help and inputs from our highly experienced tutors of A-Level JC Econs, we can help you achieve your target! In fact, we have consistently delivered distinction results and superior exam performance for GCE A-Level Economics that we have become the FIRST and ONLY award-winning JC tutoring Econs specialist experts in Singapore!

Be it the regular Econs group lessons or the intensive 12- or 18- Economics Revision Programme, you will transform

. from mediocrity to mastery,
. from a disaster to a master,
. from frustration to distinction!


When you complete your Economics revision lessons that encompasses the areas of
i) Comprehensive Content comprehension,
ii) In-depth exam skills mastery,
iii) Real-conditioned time management exam techniques, and
iv) mock Economics exam completion,

Besides the regular classes in Bishan, we are also able to provide and conduct a special class for JC1/JC2 Economics, that is near the TJ campus for TJC only students. For eg, we did conduct a class in Bedok area for a group of 13 H2 Economics pupils from TJC.

Similarly, home individual Economics tuition is welcome too.

For further information, do request for an Econs tutor here, or simply contact us at

Happy Revision!