TPJC Economics Tuition

Are You Running Out Of Time To Prepare For Your GCE A-Levels Economics Examinations?

Do you know anyone from Tampines Junior College (TPJC) who is taking A-Level Economics and that he/she is putting in all the effort in learning this subject but the grade obtained does not reflect that effort?

And are you also that person?

Do you still wonder how some Econs schoolmates of yours are able to obtain high marks without studying much?

And do you get upset over the fact that your effort put in in Economics does not reflect your grade?

Here is what’s happening to most JC Economics pupils right now: the clock is ticking and ticking and you’re feeling more panicky each day as it is getting nearer to the major exams but you feel that you are still unprepared somehow.

And perhaps, you are beginning to experience the proverbial A-Level nightmares…

Well, what if you realise that you need go through this pain and despair? What if you discover what most of your other friends are coping with JC Economics?

What if we tell you that ALL these problems have a quick solution? A solution that is time effective as it allows you to obtain the maximum results within the shortest available period.


And that’s what we at Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre: To offer students renewed confidence and hope in JC Econs, by providing our Econs tutoring expertise – a set of proven exam techniques and our famous Split Writing Strategy (SWS)™. The combination of the exam skills and time management strategies under exam conditions will allow you to get your fully prepared for the upcoming Promos or Prelims exams in the shortest possible!


So how can you receive this Econs help that we have designed for you? Here are the options:

1. Economics group tuition in Bishan. We have Econs group lessons on weekdays and weekends, and depending on your own time schedule. Preferably weekday evenings whereby the students are able to make it after school and also in the weekends where students can concentrate better since they did not have taxing school lessons before the tuition class.


2. Economics group tuition in Tampines area. Should you prefer to have an Econs small group tuition with your group friends, we are ready to conduct Economics lesson in the vicinity of Tampines on weekdays, so that you can save on travel time. This TPJC-only Economics tuition class will prove useful, as everyone is learning at the same pace, and that is in sync with your Tampines Junior College (TPJC)’s curriculum pace as well.

Simply gather a group of 5 or more friends, and we will arrnage a suitable classroom venue for you.


3. Mini group tuition. Alternatively, we also provide home tuition for 2-3 Econs students whose place can be conducive to conduct a mini group lesson for A-Level Econs. In this way, you will not find the venue too far or inconvenient!


4. Home private tuition. Of course, we can arrange for our experienced Economics private tutor to see you on a one to one basis, personally at your home.


No matter your choice, our team of proven and experienced Economics tutors will ensure you have the necessary exam skills and the time saving exam strategies to cope worth JC Econs, while still have an effective strategy to answer the various Economics test questions.

These strategies have proven to be effective, based on our many Economics student testimonials who have improved significantly after attending our lessons. In fact, one Econs have improved from 1 percentile in the Promos exams (before she joined us), to 94% in her Prelim Exams!

Not only that, Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre has also been recognised on a wider scale in Singapore as it has secured the Promising 500 SME Award, the only JC tutoring provider to clinch this award!


So, are you willing to brighten your academic & Economics future and see that improvement you so desire? If yes, we do provide students with 2 FREE trials to test out the effectiveness.

For further information, do contact us using this form to find an Econs tutor, or simply leave a Reach message @ Do not hesitate to call us. Meanwhile, happy revision!