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Looking To Guarantee Yourself Your Distinction For JC Econs? Our VJC-Only Special Class And Its Highly Customised A-Level Economics Tuition Program Will Boost Your Results In Half The Time!


Are you a Victorian frustrated with JC Economics due to the inability to score well?

Perhaps, you just lack time to study for your tests as you have many other ongoing activities in Victoria Junior College (VJC)?

Are you thinking of giving up on your A-Level Economics and focusing on other subjects?

Or are you still aiming for that Uni scholarship but this Economics subject just seem to make it harder?

Or have you actually given up the thought of obtaining your desired Econs distinction grade, since your existing VJC Econs tuition is not effective?


Should the above scenarios are exactly what you are facing, we totally understand……

Last year, we had a fairly vocal Economics pupil from Victoria JC, who shared with us how she felt about the VJC school motto: Nil Sine Labore.

It is a Latin expression that means “Nothing Without Labour”, that is, nothing is actually achieved without work. She actually felt sad for herself that although she had put in all her effort, time and energy to study, and prepare for the school’s internal JC1 Common Test, Promos Exams, JC2 Block Test 1, etc, her H2 Economics grades had never been higher than an “E” grade…


After having over 100 Victorians with us @ Adam Smith Economics Tuition Centre as well as in Econs private tutoring sessions, we understand exactly the learning issues for VJC students when it comes to JC Economics. which are:


1. Excessive Economics Topics.

Unfortunately, Econs students from VJ are still learning Econs topics that are out of syllabus. For instance, the Loanable Funds Theory, Keynesian Liquidity Preference, Phillips Curve, etc are not required since the inception of the H1/H2 Economics Syllabi.

In addition, some topics have gone too in-depth, to be considered suitable for A-Level Economics. For example, Victoria JC is the only school in Singapore to cover full depth of the Labour Market.

For the existing syllabus, the focus of market mechanism circles largely around product or output markets. Labour market, on the other hand, is actually a resource or input market.

In short, too many Economics topics that are not required are still in the curriculum of the VJC Economics Department.


2. Inadequate Exam Strategies & Answering Techniques.

Regardless of your school’s internal Econs tutorial lessons, or Economics tuition lessons by different JC tuition centres, you may still be facing the biggest problem of all times – the glaring lack of the examination and assessment skills that you need to score for both case studies and essay questions for A-Levels.


3. Inadequate QUALITY Practice Time.

Just like all skills in life, the assessment techniques for JC Econs are essentially higher order thinking skills, aka critical thinking skills, and therefore must be internalised by oneself.

Without the proper time set aside to practice and then to internalise these skills, do you realise that you may struggle, on the day of the eventual Cambridge exam itself?



VJC Economics Tuition for Victorians Only – Victoria JC Special Class

Shall we make it simple for you?

If you are keen to achieve your distinction, you have to make the following changes:


i) Stay in sync with your school’s curriculum sequence and pace for “A” Level Economics. Avoid the piling up of the Econs topics and notes that you have not read up.


ii) Get started immediately to be fully equipped with all the answering techniques and methods for both types of question of Econs CS and essays.

For example, by now, you must be able to demonstrate how to make distinctions between 2 or more concepts, and expecting a Level 3 answer (our Econs students actually expect at least an 8 out of 10 for each Part A essay question) for the following sample questions:


Sample 1: Distinguish between the concepts of PED and PES.

Sample 2: Distinguish between the concepts of public goods and demerit goods.

Sample 3: Distinguish between the economics models of Monopoly and Oligopoly.

Sample 4: Distinguish between the concepts of actual growth and potential growth.

Sample 5: Distinguish between the expenditure-switching policies and expenditure reducing policies.

Honestly, if you are not yet able to handle this standard Part A essay, then how about the upcoming Part B essay question??


iii) Have meaningful Economics assignment practice.

Just like swimming and cycling, until you do the activities, you cannot internalise these skills. Same for Economics exam skill. In order to demonstrate Application, Analysis and Evaluation on exam day, you have to practice intelligently beforehand!! Treat it as a rehearsal.


So, can we at Adam Smith Econs Tuition do anything to help?

Yes! Particularly, if you do not have a step-by-step, template approach to answering exam  questions, we do!

And we are definitely in a position to restore and boost exam confidence in this rigorous A-Level subject in Economics, in the following ways:


A. Special VJC Econs Group Tuition. Our Economics tutors can coach VJcians at a suitable pace where the school is currently moving.


B. Unique Approach to Assessment. First we give you ALL the 12 types of case study questions. Then we provide you the corresponding answering techniques to EACH of the 12 types. Finally, we conduct meaningful and well thought-out timed writing practices, coupled with our little known secret of the Split Writing Strategy™ (SWS).

This approach will thus be able to allow you to score your distinctions, and minimise the amount of revision time needed to memorise and study the concepts. Guaranteed!


C. Small Group Tuition. On top of our Econs group tuition lessons in Bishan, we are open to conducting VJC-only Econs class near VJC. For example, for the last 2 years, we did hold small group class in Bedok and Katong respectively.


Now, if you prefer private tutoring for Economics instead (we know VJCians have a hectic schedule as there are various activities organised for the students in the campus), we provide Econs home tutors too. Let us Econs teachers travel to your homes at your time and convenience. In this way, the student is able to save the time for travelling.


We are often asked by parents or students, the following questions:

  • “Is it effective?”
  • “Are you sure my money will be well spent?”
  • “what unique approach are you referring to?”

In order to demonstrate our belief and confidence in what we do, we actually have TWO free trial lessons for JC Economics, the only A-Level Econs tuition centre to do so!


(Based on our student testimonials and our annual A level results, our unique assessment and revision approach must be doing fine. And did we mention the Promising SME 500 Award that we receive, being the only JC Economics tuition centre to do so?) (“,)


So if the above VJC Economics tuition is what you are looking for, do contact us at https://m.me/adamsmithlc, to find out more information about our tuition program today.