YJC Economics Tuition

Over 20 A-Level Economics Students From YJC Now Aiming For Their Distinctions Who Never Thought They Could


Yishun Junior College (YJC) is a school that located opposite of Khatib military camp base at Yishun Ring, northern part of Singapore.

This College offers the General Certificate Education (GCE) Advanced Levels (A-Level) programme (a Pre-University two-year college program) for students that graduate from their secondary schools after their Ordinary Levels (GCE O-Levels).

This two-year program prepare students for their further education studies either in local or oversea universities.

Unlike other junior colleges (JCs) that offer fixed subject combination, YJC actually provides students much flexibility in subject combinations for their GCE A-Level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level).

Hence for their pre-university academic curriculum for economics subjects in Yishun Junior college are to provide the students the fundamental of understanding in economics principle regardless of theories or concepts.

As for JC economics this subject it consist of H1 economics and H2 economics syllabus.

For student or parents, are you wondering on how to travel to YJC from east part of Singapore?

Therefore for JC student staying in the east have to take a take a train from your nearest MRT

(Mass Rapid Transit) station under green line called east- west line follow by changing the line to red line called north-south line to Yishun MRT station.

From Yishun MRT, you have to take bus 169 and alight at Khatib Militiary camp bus stop.

Looking for group or individual tuition that cater to your school economics teaching syllabus as well as needed help for your econ revision?

In Adam Smith Learning Centre, we provide both group and private economics tuition for Yishun JC Students.

For group tuition, we have a weekday’s class that provide YJC students where the class are focusing solely on either H1 econ tuition or H2 econ tuition.

This YJC econs group tuition, the class are conducting in a small group format where the student not more six per class.

Click here to sign up for our group YJC econs tuition early to have your JC economics revising easily be revise.

Whereas for individual tuition, the JC econs tutors are going to help the students to build a strong foundation in their economics concept as well as theory and lastly revising with them a month before any of their econs exam given.

Contact our administration staff at https://m.me/adamsmithlc to find out more out more information about the YJC econs programs or email us at admin@aleveltuition.sg