September Holidays Economics Tuition Crash Course

“I am very thankful to Adam Smith Learning Centre because before coming for tuition, I have been perpetually scoring Es and Ds for economics no matter how hard I studied. The skill based approach to A Level Economics taught at Adam Smith really helped me a lot as it provides a foundation framework for effective studying and to tackle exam questions effectively under time constraint. I could clarify all my doubts in classes. The teachers are highly professional, approachable and engaging. Thus makes the classes a conducive place for learning .” Hong Xian Zheng TJC A-Level H2 Economics Singapore

Dear JC1 H1 and H2 Economics student, are you struggling to structure an Economics essay, tackle an Econs case study with confidence, and you realise you are running out of time?

If yes, do join us at our Economics Tuition Crash Course this September!

In view of the requirements of your JC1 Promotional Exams, we have designed a skills-oriented JC1 Economics revision course for you, so that you can ensure promotion to JC2 with total ease and confidence.

Here is what you can expect to learn from this September Holidays Economics Revision Class:

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September Revision Programme – Programme Schedule 2016



September Revision Programme – Economics Case Study Paper Strategies

Here are the set of skills you will learn in this Economics crash course:

The 12 types of Economics Case Study questions. After over 4 years of experience and painstakingly identifying over 30 years of Cambridge past year GCE A-Level exams, we can tell you from personal experience, that regardless of question phrasing and mark allocation, there are merely only 12 types of questions, each of which we will show its corresponding exam techniques.

We will show you how to obtain at least 11 marks (out of 12 marks) for Data Response Questions (DRQs) in your Case Study Paper. Also, for the higher-order thinking or the Discursive Question components, you will learn how to secure your E2 marking grid for evaluation.


September Revision Programme – Essay Paper Exam Techniques

You will immediately benefit by learning

  1. The 3 types of Part ‘A’ essays, regardless of any topic.
  2. The 4 types of Part ‘B’ Econs essays questions.
  3. The specific techniques of tackling a 25-Mark, No-Part essay types.

Almost all of our students know and are able to attain Level 3 for each of their Part ‘A’ essays, because of each of the 3 types of questions, there is a systematic process to tacking the questions. (Isn’t that what thinking skills is all about: be systematic in thinking?)

We get our Econs students to aim for 21 out of 25 marks for every essay they answer. Both H2 Economics students and H1 Econs pupils will benefit greatly from the lessons are they will learn how to conquer essays relating to Price Mechanism, Elasticity Concepts and Market Failure confidently!


September Revision Programme – Content Mastery

Besides these various exam skills, the main Econs content areas are mastered in quick fashion. For example, within 20 minutes, you will learn

  1. the 4 main topic knowledge required of Demand, Supply and Elasticity Concepts, or
  2. the topic of Market Failure, and sources of market failure that either benefits/costs divergence, or market imperfections. or
  3. Market Structures and will be able to use this learned content to apply to questions, even those that require them to make judgements on whether a particular market structure is appropriate or otherwise to explain how firms behave in Singapore in practice!


As for Macroeconomics, especially JC pupils from HCI, TJC, NYJC, as well as RIJC students in the Humanities programme, you will master the main macroeconomic problem and policies that aim to tackle inflation, economic growth and unemployment.

With no registration fee and no deposit required, do act fast to attend this Economics crash course workshop.

If any of the dates does not fit your tight schedule, kindly contact our tuition lesson coordinator at, and we will revise our timings for you. So be sure you make good of this September holidays!

Thank you, and happy revision!


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