Small Group Online Economics Tutoring

The private online Economics Tutoring Programme by in Singapore is not just A-level Economics tuition, but a system of concerted effort to ensure our students keep abreast with the content being taught in schools, with the assistance of our personal tutors.

We constantly review the content to ensure that we are keeping in line with what has been covered in schools for consistency in the students’ learning. AdamSmithTuition has also designed materials that make use of the most current economic events in Singapore and the rest of the world to help the students apply the theories to daily life.


Our Small Group Online Economics Tutoring Lessons:

Lessons are split based on the different requirements of the GCE A-Level H1 and H2 syllabus among our tutors in order for the students to be prepared for the respective examinations. In every lesson our economic tutors emphasise focus on case study skills for the H1 and essay skills for H2 students.

Each Economics lesson will be broken up into 3 main parts.

1.Content review
2.Essay or Case Study Skills Component
3.Practice – selected parts of a question to be attempted in the lesson, relating to the content and skills taught


Our Individual Economics tutors

Our highly trained Economics tutor, Jack Tan are committed to help students understand complex economics theories, read critically and apply the concepts correctly.  Ace Specialist Hub’s Economics Programme will allow students to gain a full, holistic understanding of economics, thereby enabling them to easily answer A-level examination questions.


Therefore, if you are ready to have an Econs private tutor, do allow us to recommend our team of super tutors to you or your child. Thank you.