Economics Tutoring

How do you prefer to learn: in a small group setting whereby you interact with the Economics teacher face-to-face, while enjoying the energy and mutual learning with other JC students, or in the comfort of your own getting the maximum fullest attention of your Econs tutor?

Alternatively, perhaps you are well versed with A-Level Economics as a whole, with only the occasional concept doubt that surfaces once or twice in each major topic? 

Either way, our tutor for JC Econs, Mr Jack CK Tan, has the various options for you.


Economics Tutoring

1) Group Tuition Lessons

Mr Tan conducts Economics lessons in a group setting in Bishan and other venues. Call us now at for more info.


2) Mobile Tutoring

With the use of a mobile phone application (app), Mr Tan offers Econs mobile tutoring services at the convenience of his JC pupils, at their preferred time. Being able to access Jack at any time, students the ability to get their doubts clarified, concepts explained, confusion cleared, as well as getting their school tutorials prepared with great help.

More info on mobile Economics tuition here.