Mobile Economics Tutoring

Now You Can Have Access To Quality JC Economics Tuition, Even If You Do Not Have Time To Travel For It.

Mobile Economics Tutoring

How many of you truly need help with A-Level Economics, but due to long school hours and heavy CCA involvement, are unable to make time to even travel to an Econs tuition centre to receive that help?

How many of you are doing fine with your H2 JC Econs, so you do not need full scale Economics tutoring aid, but merely the occasional concept clarification, exam skills training and exam question approach?

Or perhaps, you are taking A-Levels H1 Economics, thus you are unable to give it as much attention and effort as a full H2 subject warants, and yet wish to secure your distinction grade “A”?

Due to the responses from our surveys with our past and present Econs pupils, we have the great fortune to provide a response to the above concerns РMobile Economics Tutoring.


Mobile Economics Tuition
With the use of your handphone, you can have regular and quality Econs instruction, wherever and whenever you require it! We use a simple mobile app for the lessons.

With the use of a particular mobile application (app), you can have access to our super Economics tutor, anytime, anywhere, for the following:

1. Clarify difficult concepts such as Positive Externalities in Production, Semi Public Goods, Natural Monopoly, Quantitative Easing, Austerity Measures, Singapore’s Exchange Rates Policy, etc.

2. Get help with your own school’s tutorial homework questions, no matter for Econs essays or case studies.

3. Receive Econs instructions for preparations of your JC’s internal assessments and tests, namely JC1 Mid Year Exams, JC1 Promos, JC2 Block Test 1, BT2, Prelim Exams, etc.

4. Get EXCLUSIVE access to our question predictions for JC2 eventual Cambridge A-Level Economics exams for the year, as well as your JC1 Promotional Examinations!,

5. and more…

(See sample of Mobile Econs tuition here)


Without any travelling on your part, you can have access to a proven, competent and dedicated Economics teacher, who will answer each and every question and doubt on this rigorous Cambridge subject at A-Levels.

In addition, instead of paying full lesson fees every months, you get to save on the lessons you do not need.

At Adam Smith Economics Tuition, you get to gain access to Mr Jack Tan, our own chief Econs coach. He himself will create, run and conduct the group, so as to maximise your learning of Econs, and help you breeze through this challenging subject!

Normally, to attend the lessons of JC Economics with Mr Tan, a typical month’s fee is about S$300. That works out to be over S$3k in a year.

For this Mobile Economics Tutoring program, there is a ONE-TIME fee only, of merely S$395. That means, you save over $2,500 in one year!

Furthermore, for this one-time fee, you will gain access to this mobile tuition course for Econs for not one, but TWO years. So if you wish to conduct Econs tuition after your GCE A Levels, and before the commencement of your Uni studies, you have this Economics tuition program to rely on for any help. (

(Note: this mobile lessons are free if you are with us for our online group tuition lessons.)


If you like to receive quality help for JC Economics with the mere use of your mobile hand phone, save time on travelling, and save over $3,000 in tuition fees, reach us now at for details.