Why A-Level Econs Courses From Home

Not All Economics Tuition Programmes In Singapore Are Created Equal!

Here are 4 Things Tuition Agents Do NOT Want You To Know

 1) Most tuition agencies do not screen their list of tutors in proper fashion

Most (and not all) merely ask for hard or soft copies of their exam transcripts, NUS (National University of Singapore), NTU (Nanyang Technological University) or SMU (Singapore Management University) , and of course NIE (National Institute of Education) certificates, if any.

Do you think the staff screen or filter these certs? Likely not. When you choose to take up A-Level courses from home, you have to rely on the tutor agent to choose wisely and properly for you.

2) Most tuition agencies are unable to determine if their database of tutors are able to teach effectively or otherwise

Using the certificates as the main source of filtering and choosing mechanism of the suitability of tuition teachers, a significant percentage of tutors have several certificates, but have little or no classroom training or any practical teaching experience at all.

3) Most tuition agencies do not have a proven and systematic way of filtering the best choice of tutor for each and every tuition pupil

Most of the time, whoever responds to the tuition advertisement, put up by the tuition coordinator of that tuition agency, will secure the tuition assignment first!

4) Most tuition agencies do not have an effective and efficient way of dealing with private tutors who turn out to be a poor choice for the tuition student

Many merely go through the same tuition teacher selection process as highlighted above, and repeat the same old problematic approach.


Economics Tuition S’pore – Our Edge

A) Yes, we are indeed the ONLY RARE few tuition agencies in Singapore right now, that fully specialises in JC A-Level tuition.

B) Not only do we collect copies of exam transcripts of each and every tutor applicant (from GCE A-Level Cambridge, NUS, NTU or SMU, NIE, etc), we also went an extra step to determine their authenticity and originality!

C) More importantly, we go the extra mile, by determining their suitability of being a tuition teacher. To be specific, we actually make it compulsory for everyone to show us live in the classroom, that they are up to the teaching task.

Well, here is the truth: not everyone can teach.

And here is the worse and bigger truth: What is taught is not equal to what is learnt. Merely yakking and talking non stop does not amount to teaching anymore.

D) Any here is where we really: To ensure we are the best A-Level tuition specialist provider in Singapore, we actually conduct A-Level Tutoring courses, that includes

i) How to teach effectively

ii) Effective delivery tips and tactics

iii) Skills questioning techniques

iv) And other components, which is our secret recipe – the inclusion of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) and Accelerated Learning Strategies (ALS) (Our founder is an internationally Licenced NLP Practitioner) as well as certified Trainer, that ensures everyone gets to secure their distinction grade as fast as possible!

(See out JC tutors’ testimonials here)

E) In the unlikely event of the JC tutor and the students not pairing up well, we will replace with another skillful and experienced tuition teacher.

There are in fact, only a rare few tutor agencies in Singapore that specialise in A-Level tuition such as JC Science (A-Level Maths, A-Level Biology) and Language and Humanities (A-Level History, A-Level General Paper) Subjects.

After all, taking up A-Level courses from home need not be risky or erroneous.

It is our way of saying thank you, and for trusting us.

So call us now, or contact us here, and we will secure our star teachers and top tutors for you, right away.

Happy Revision!