Why Choose Us?


Adam Smith tutors’ lessons are fun and comprehensive at the same time. They really helped me understand many of the concepts in Economics and by encouraging us to participate in class, we were able to have meaningful discussions which helped to clarify any misconceptions.

Initially, I was pretty scared of Economics, especially the essays. But after attending the tutors’ classes, I was gradually able to gain confidence in tackling them.
Thank you for everything Adam Smith Learning Centre! 

Wong Chin Mun

H2 Economics

National Junior College (NJC)

Our Award-Winning (Promising SME 500 Award) Economics Programme excels in the following areas:

1) More than 95% accuracy in official exam predictions


2) Average 85-90% distinction grades


3) More than 90% grades A & B


4) 100% improvements from previous major exams, tests and assessments


5) Heavy emphasis of Higher Order Thinking (HOT) skills of Application, Analysis and Evaluation


6) Edutainment at its best – Highly entertaining and energetic lessons with proven Accelerated Learning Strategies


7) High retention rate – Learn quickly with our unique blend of Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) Techniques for Economics Learning

Do note that we do not charge any materials fees, only a one-time registration fee.




WARNING: Not All Economics Tuition Providers Are Created Equal!

How many of you would like to secure your Economics distinctions? And how many of you would like to secure your Economics distinctions…Confidently? You have come to the right place!  


Why Choose Adam Smith Learning Centre, Economics Tuition?

Here are the top 3 reasons why parents and students choose us:


1) Proven, Innovative, Engaging & Effective Teaching Methods, based on Accelerated Learning strategies

At Adam Smith Learning Centre (aka Adam Smith EconomicsHQ), our Economics tuition lessons are designed in such a way that you can achieve your desired grades in the SUREST and SAFEST way possible.

Our unique curricula and teaching methods have received strong support, affirmation and appreciation from many parents and students. With us being an increasingly popular choice of Econs tuition centre for JC pupils, many discover that they can obtain their A-Level Economics distinctions easily and quickly.

With our well-known academic framework of “Strengthening Foundations, Enhancing Skills and Sharpening Exam Focus”, our learning strategies have yielded strong performance for both H2 Economics, as well as H1 Economics Cambridge examinations, when you attend the JC tuition classes with us.  

Indeed, with our award-winning, proven step-by-step approach, you will be able to

1) Attempt every Econs essay question successfully, and secure a ‘Level 3’ response each and every time.


2) Conquer all Econs case study questions with confidence and ease, and obtain at least 22 out of 30 marks predictably.


3) Overall exam challenges within the official time allotment with fine time management techniques   With our concise answer templates and more importantly, the impart of the critical exam answering techniques of the Higher-Order Thinking (H.O.T.) skills, you will find that Economics is SCORABLE! Read more on our Econs tutors’ testimonials from our pupils here.  



2) Experienced, Qualified and Highly-Skilled Economics Tutors

We are blessed with the great dedication of teaching staff who are all fully trained and qualified, being Economics graduates of Bachelor’s, Honours and even Master’s programmes of both local and overseas universities.

In addition, the founder of Adam Smith Learning Centre has fushioned the learning techniques of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), and also that of Whole-Brained Learning and Accelerated-Learning Strategies, to ensure students have fun while they learn effectively and engagingly, remember more concepts and theories of Economics.

And voila! You now have one of the most exciting and interesting approaches to the teaching of Economics in an innovative, fun and engaging way!! (Do read more on our tutors’ profile here.)

Not to forget that our academic achievements are also due to the tireless administrative support from the non-teaching staff, plus the growing support from all parents and students who kindly shower us with steady referrals.  



3) Our Proven Results for A-Level Economics

The Economics tutors at Adam Smith Learning Centre are all qualified and include experienced ex-teachers from top local junior colleges. With many years of teaching experience, they are very familiar with the JC education system in Singapore.

More importantly, we have an extensive network of educators whereby we remain relevant to current, changes and revisions to the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level (“A” Levels) syllabi and assessment.

In particular, our systematic approach is to ensure that the 3 keys to your distinction – Content Knowledge, Exam Skills, and Time Management – are well mastered and internalised by every single student.    



A-Level Econs Tuition – Economics Examination Techniques

Therefore, regardless of whether it is H1 Economics or H2 Econs, we impart both essay writing techniques as well as case study answering strategies, so that no matter how the questions are set, you can be confident of answering the questions.

Armed with these advantages, the A-Level Econs tutors with the centre all in a good position to help any student who have difficulties conquering A-Levels. After all, the main aim to do A-Levels (Pre-University) is to enter university, and better still, to secure a scholarship, and enter the faculty of your choice!

Won’t you agree that “A” Levels are really worth doing well?   So view our FREE video lesson trials!   Back to SG Economics Tuition